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First Flight: 18 May 1979.

Purpose: Development airframe, Company Demonstrator.

Fate: Probably the most well known, reconfigured and busiest of Lynx. Originally built as an AH 1 in 1978, G-LYNX demonstrated the Battlefield Lynx capabilities to the world touring all the major airshows. In 1984, G-LYNX was put in to storage but was modified in 1986 for the speed record. On 11th August it achieved 400.87 kph (249.09 mph) a 9% increase over the previous record. In 1988, it was converted in to an AH9 demonstrator and then reverted back to a standard AH1 in 1990. In 1991, it became the LHTEC T800 test bed and demonstrator painted in sand camoflage. In 1992 it was again placed in storage and then moved to the Helicopter Museum in 1995. Between 2007 and 2011, G-LYNX was restored back to her record breaking configuration and now sits as smart as a button back in the Helicopter Museum. The speed record still stands to this day.



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