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1. Decide what Lynx, Wildcat or Gazelle version you would like.


2. Decide layout (see 'example print')


3. Decide on Squadron, tail number and wording.


    Example wording below aircraft such as;


'WO1 Joe Bloggs AAC

Westland Lynx AH Mk 7 XZ185

652 Squadron Army Air Corps


June 2001 - May 2003'


4. Typically, the squadron badge with motto will go top centre, AAC crest bottom left and either unoffical sqn badge, previous Corps or Regt or Pilot, ADG, O, G, AC brevets bottom right.


5. The text paragraphs at the bottom can be anything you want but typically is a paragraph on the history of the type or it could be a brief squadron history or even your own history.


6. Once you've decided on type, wording and layout, use the 'contact' feature tab and send me your requirements.


7. I will endevour to reply as soon as possible and will send you a draft of your print via email to ensure you are satisfied with the layout.


8. I will email you details once the print is ready to send. Because this is bespoke artwork, please expect delivery to take up to six weeks.

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