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First Flight: 15 April 1972. Fifth to fly.

Purpose: Fifth prototype, This had the longer AH 1 nose but still with original tail boom/pylon. The first to fly in near AH 1 configuration. Set FAI Class records in June 1972 setting the speed record at 173.73kts piloted by Roy Moxom and FTE Michal Ball. First to barrel roll. Roll rate at 100 degrees/sec. Used as a role specific and weapons test bed.

Fate: By 1982, it had been retired from the test programme and moved to Shoeburyness as a target. It then made its way to Wattisham in 1997 where it rotted away as a GI airframe. It was then rescued and completely restored in 2004 and is now in pristine condition at the Museum of Army Flying, Middle Wallop.



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