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First Flight: 21 March 1971 (Roy Moxom, Gerry Smallbridge, Ron Gellatly)

Purpose: First prototype, from 1976 to 1983; P&W PT6 Engine testbed (G-BEAD)

Fate: A heavy landing reduced this airframe to a ground vibration test article. From 1983 to 1995, it was languising on Foulness Island being used by DERA before being moved. It spent time in the mid 90s at Dishforth used for BDR then moved down to Wattisham in 1997. Eventually disposed of in 2003 and ended up on the scrap heap at Claydon, Suffolk. A real shame that such a historically important aircraft couldnt be saved and was disposed of in such an indignant manner. If only I'd known the importance of this aircraft when serving at Dishforth in the early 90's!



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